Graphic Design & Layouts

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dayofreason8 earth4

hmilk1 S

Above: promotional graphics created during a Summer 2016 internship with the Washington, DC chapter of the American Humanist Association. Materials were created to uplift the voices and personalities that exemplified organization ideals, as well as bringing attention to secular holidays.

Above: Differing drafts for a post on Arbor Day, featuring cut-out textures within the letters of both autumn leaves and tree bark

Above: Drafts for the National Day of Reason announcement featuring several different design directions, all using public-domain images

Above: Drafts for Mother’s day in both traditional and progressive directions

Above: Drafts for World Environment Day, featuring combinations of typefaces to test legibility when laid over busier backgrounds




Above: Twitter banners created to match the style and logo typefaces of popular media, in order: Hotline Miami (2012 © Dennaton Games), Mass Effect (2012 © Electronic Arts), and The Lord of the Rings (2003 © New Line Cinema)

branding materials (2016)

branding materials (2015-2016)

Above: branding and promotional materials (business cards and stationary) for sole proprietor businesses, one featuring a neon science-fiction look for online marketing and one more minimalist to represent a contemporary architecture firm.


digital poster design (2013)

Above: informational poster about a contemporary artist created using typefaces and design elements that are historically accurate to the time periodAFO t-shirt proposal (2011)Above: T-shirt design created for a VCUArts Foundation Year class design competition

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